How To Fix Outlook 2010 PST Backup Add-in Problems

If you have the outlook 2010 PST backup add-on on your system, this user guide should help you fix it.

Backup Controls Unavailability

In some cases, after your company has installed an add-on, the File->Backup… product is unavailable and appears to be installed. However, the prompt to reinstall the product means that it was already installed and the add-in will also reappear in the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.

How do I automatically backup my PST file in Outlook 2010?

In this guide, owners will find step-by-step instructions on how to automatically or manually back up mail and other Outlook items, as well as learn which method is best to use in which scenarios.

Which Is Definitely A PST For An Outlook File

The recommended data files are created immediately the first time you start Outlook. Outlook data files (.Are pst) are placed in the Outlook Files directory located in the Documents folder on your main computer.

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outlook 2010 pst backup add in

How Can I Automatically Back Up Your Outlook File?

Often backing up important Outlook data is essential. Therefore, Microsoft Outlook provides the ability to create a copy of the entire PST filewith all the standard elements next to the file.

Last Words

The d Microsoft Die Import/Export Outlook The application helps users move PST file data from one version of Outlook to another. However, since this is a manual procedure, it was not free from some ugly restrictions that can lead to issues and data loss. Here, the best general solution would be a smart and advanced Outlook recovery tool.

Office 2003-2013 For Link Window

Below you will also find information from Microsoft on how to reset Outlook personal folders from Outlook 2008-2007 and 2010. Books for Outlook 2010 also perform the work of Outlook 2013.

outlook 2010 pst backup add in

Use Personal Folders Add-in

Microsoft Backup Outlook supports many add-ons. ins that can help the user navigate the interface. Many of those related to add-ins are currently available as a set of features in Outlook. One such special add-on is simply “Home Folder Backup”.

About Outlook 2016

Windows Outlook 2016, including Windows 10 for the first time, will really bring you big fans shocked every night.Email and receive a calendar through Office 365. Outlook 2016 laptop or desktop is enhanced with improved support for cloud files, deeper search, and even an all-new darker theme for those who work with brighter monitors. Attaching files to Internet e-mail messages is also made easier, as recently used products are displayed in the attachment dialog. Other amazing features like new client support for groups and OAuth surprised us as well. As things get a lot easier and simpler with Outlook 2016, the previous Outlook 2016 files will also become more important to understand. In fact, things get easier and, above all, fabulous when we can automatically back up Outlook 2016 files.

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We Often Recommend That You Immediately Import/move All .files To Office 365. Quota The 100 GB Office 365 Provides Ample Email Storage Space And Allows You To Keep All Your Email Addresses In One Place. For More Information, See Migrate Email A From PST-ffile To Your Office 365 Account.

Outlook allows you to create Outlook data files (personal folders or .pst files) to offer you additional storage options quotas available in Office 365 that you probably don’t need to transfer the .pst file , unless it is normally used for archival purposes.

How do I automatically backup my PST file?

Sometimes users may use a version of Microsoft Outlook with built-in backup features: “Outlook Add-in: Backup Personal Folders”. This feature is no longer available for newer releases of Outlook. In this article, I am going to tell you how to basically back up Microsoft Outlook PST data files. This is possible thanks to an efficient third-party plug-in withopen source OutlookBackupAddin.

How do I set up automatic backup in Outlook?

There is a Personal Folders backup add-in in the previous Outlook update, which can often help you complete the Outlook backup task. However, the entire backup add-in only works with the 32-bit version of Outlook 2010. Due to technical changes in later versions of Outlook, the personal folder backup add-on is no longer available in Outlook 2013, including Outlook 2016.

How do I backup my Outlook 2010 emails?

This is how you can return correct emails with the most effective email software. In particular, learn how to back up email in Outlook. First you need to configure for each Outlook account.

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