How To Solve Epic Games Connection Issues

If you are logged into your system using Epicgames, we hope this article will help you.

This Minecraft tutorial shows how to use /tp handler with screenshots and step by step instructions.

In many cases, you can teleport to a row of matches to another or a player using the /tp human command in Minecraft (sometimes see the /teleport command). Let’s see how to use the cheat (game command).

Supported Platforms

The /tp command is available in the following versions:

* minecraft Translation added or removed, if any.
NOTE: Pocket (PE), Xbox one Edition, PS4, Nintendo Switch and/or Windows 10 Edition are now Bedrock Edition. We will continue to express them separately for the historical version.


In order to execute game commands in Minecraft, you need to enable cheats in your new world.

Tp Command


Command Entry

1. Open A Chat Window Of The Simplest Form

Die to execute a command in the Minecraft Chat Is window. The controls for opening the online chat window game depend on the version of Minecraft:

2. Enter Command

We will show examples of using the /tp command to teleport an entirely new set Relative coordinates from another player in a set of specific coordinates and with another player in the game.

Teleport to relative coordinate system

Let’s start by teleporting you set to relative coordinates.

For example, you can teleport the DigMinecraft music player to relative coordinates simply by using the tilde character ~ to create x-y-z values:

/tp DigMinecraft ~53 ~-6 ~17

Return the command to the chat window. With normal input, you will see a sale in the lower left of the game window. Press the current Enter key to execute the command.

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This /tp command will teleport the baller named Digminecraft to a location that includes 53 blocks east, 6 rooms down, and 17 blocks south of the current location.

You will see the full message “Teleported DigMinecraft to x, m, z” in the trailing bottom corner of the game window to indicate that the tp command has already been executed.

Teleport to a set with specific coordinates

Well, let’s show you how to teleport to a specific set associated with Im’s game coordinates.

For example, you can teleportSet up a DigMinecraft player to specify a set of harmonies with the following command:

login epicgames

/tp DigMinecraft eighty-five -200

Type 72 command in any chat window and press Enter to execute the command.

This /tp called will teleport the poker player to digminecraft coordinates 85,72,-200.

You will definitely see the message “Teleport which digminecraft will be y, x, z” in the lower left corner of the mission window to indicate that our own tp command is complete. to

Teleport to another player

Finally, we show you the teleportation time from player to player as a whole in the game.

For example, you can teleport a musician named DigMinecraft to a player named Steve:

/tp DigMinecraft Steve

Type a command in the main chat window and press the appropriate Enter key to execute the command.

This /tp command teleports the player named DigMinecraft to where the player named Steve is throughout the game.

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to use the /tp command that comes with Minecraft.

Other Game Commands

You can use differentcommands and cheats in Minecraft, for example:

  • Java
  • PE
  • Xbox
  • PS
  • Nintendo
  • Win10
  • Edu
  • Tp Command In Minecraft Java Den (pc/mac) Edition

    In versions 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18 of Minecraft Java there is (PC/Mac) different syntax depending on who, where or you are teleporting.

    To teleport (an entity executing a human command) to a set of coordinates from:


    To teleport (the entity executing the main part of the command) to an additional target location:


    To teleport a person to a set of coordinates that is affected by the direction of another set of coordinates:

    login epicgames

    /tp   opposite 

    To teleport a pretty target to a set of coordinates and rotate it in the direction your target is facing:

    /tp   [ ]

    Minecraft Espresso Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 use different syntax depending on where you want to teleport.

    /tp [target player]    [ ]
    /tp [target player] a 


  • Location y x z, c is the y z coordinate where you want to teleport.
  • The target, or possibly the target player, is associated with the name of the player (or specific) selector to teleport to.
  • Targets are the name (or player of the target selector) that you just need to teleport. Player
  • the target is definitely optional. This is a call to the selected player (or selector) to teleport. If the target baseball player is specified, the non-specified player giving the command will be teleported.
  • FacingLocation, which can be, as described, the xyz coordinate that experts say the object will later collide with after being teleported.
  • yRot or y-red are optional. This is the rotation encountered by program creatures after being teleported to . 0=South, 90=West, 180=North, 270=East.
  • Xred/is AND or x-red optional. this is its X-axis rotation that the entity encounters after being teleported in fast degrees. Values ​​are displayed as messages positive at the bottom, while negative values ​​are displayed as messages at the top. 0 = face forward, 90 = face -90 down, = face up px
  • Tp Command In Minecraft Pocket (PE) Edition

    Minecraft Pocket (PE) edition has different syntax depending on who you teleport to.

    To teleport (the entity executing this command) to fixed coordinates:

    /tp    [yRot] [xRot]

    To teleport (the entity executing the command) to one of the specified coordinates facing another of the corresponding coordinates:

    /tp   With  opposite 

    To teleport (the object executing the command) so that it can collide with the target object at one of the coordinates:

    /tp of specified   When  looks at 
    /tp     [yRot] [xRot]

    To teleport the main target to the specified target facing another member at the specified coordinates:

    /tp     oriented 

    To teleport a target on its way to one of the specified coordinates, relative to which you can see the target’s direction:

    /tp    With  looking at 

    To teleport (the object executing the command) at any time to the location of the additional:


    How do I log into Epic Games?

    Click SIGN the Facebook or Google icon depending on your preference.On the page which the phone opens, log in to open your Google or facebook account. You will be redirected to a new web page.enter your recommendations from your Epic Games account.Scheclick LOGIN.

    How do I log into my fortnite account?

    visit the official Fortnite website: Click Login in the top right corner of the page. specifying Register, email address and password. Hover your mouse over the appropriate username in the upper right corner of the screen and “Account click entry”.

    Why can’t I sign into my Epic Games account?

    Try the following troubleshooting steps: Try logging in using the “Sign in with Epic Games” option instead of the console option. Try opening the In link in an incognito window and connecting in a different browser.

    How do I sign into Epic Games on Xbox?

    Go to the official Fortnite website.If you’re already signed in, hover over your display name and select Sign Out.Hover over the silhouette, next select Download, select Xbox.Sign in with your Live xbox credentials.

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