Fix No DVD Drive Issue In Windows 8


If you’re getting a Windows 8 dvd drive missing error on your PC, check out these solutions.

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Why is my DVD drive not showing in my computer?

Restart your computer and windows should automatically detect the disk andreinstall drivers. If your hardware doesn’t even show up in Device Manager, you might be experiencing a speed issue such as a poor internet connection or a dead drive. He seriously checks this option if he has an old computer.

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dvd drive missing windows 8

After upgrading to Windows 8/8.1, your computer will recognize your CD/DVD drive. This problem can be easily solved.

Solution 1

  • Press [Windows] + while [r] typing regedit and press [Enter]. Navigate to
  • Create a relevance (same binary version of dword for your system) and rename it to EnumDevices 1.
  • Double click EnumDevice 1.and set its value to 1. Close the registry and restart the current system.2

    Instead of

  • The Solution Of The Inscription Can Be Used As Follows:


  • HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesatapiController0″ /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001
  • Open A Powerful Elevated Command Prompt And Type The Above Command.
  • Sometimes New Issues May Appear While Using Windows 8. After A Successful Installation With A Version Of Windows On A Non-computer, The Internal DVD Drive Is Shown. Then You Canget Into Trouble And Make Yourself Believe Why The Dvd Drive Disappeared Immediately After Installation. But Don’t Worry, You Will Be Given A Plan With A Few Steps. Follow These Tips And Solve This Problem

    dvd Drive Missing Windows 8

    Topic Article: How To Burn CD/DVD Images To Windows Eleven ISOs

  • Press Ctrl + C First To Open The Charms Bar.
  • On The Charms Bar, Select Search Option.type
  • Now The Field That Will Appear On The Command Line.
  • The Link That Appears Is On The Left Side Of The Web Search Results Panel.this
  • The Moment We Press The Right Mouse Button, The Environment Window Will Appear Below.
  • Here, Click The “Run As Administrator” Button To Run The Command Line Command With Administrator Privileges.
    • Give On Command –

    Reg.exe Adds “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesatapiController0” /v /t Enumdevice1 /f REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

  • Press Enter After Entering This Direction In The Tooltip.
  • Now You Need To Restart Your Computer.
  • When We Open Windows Explorer, The DVD Drive Shows Which Drive Has The Partition.

    A Few Months Ago, I Ran Into A Problem Where My Non-DVD Drive Was Listed As A Device Associated With My Computer In Windows. He Was There, But He Just Disappeared! After Doing Some Research, I Found A Number Of Solutions That Worked.

    Unfortunately, The Solutions Usually Differ Depending On Which Operating System Your Family Uses: XP, Vista, Or Windows 7/8/10 Maybe. I Will Try To List As Many Fixes For This Serious Problem On The Internet As Possible, As Well As Which Operating Systems Are Applicable.

    Install Driver

    You may often get a message like this in your CD/DVD drive’s Device Information Manager:

    Windows cannot load a device driver for this hardware. The driver may be missing or defective. (Code 39)

    The CD/DVD drivers can be reinstalled by selecting Start, Control Panel, and Security, System, and selecting Device Manager.

    Expand CD/DVD-ROM drives, then right-click the drive and select Uninstall. Reboot your computer and/or your Windo computer withws should automatically detect the disk and reinstall the drivers.

    If your current hardware doesn’t even show up directly in Device Manager, you may have a hardware problem, such as a bad connection, a dead drive. It’s worth trying this Or a computer version of an old laptop.

    Check BIOS Settings In

    While most people pay attention to the BIOS these days, your company needs to make sure that the direct access feature hasn’t been accidentally disabled. This is usually rare, but now there are cases where it can position itself. This is especially true if you have lent your computer to someone else for repairs or something similar.

    Make sure the experts say the CD/DVD-ROM drive is shown as an option on the options download page.

    Problem With Top/bottom Filters

    If your Windows or Windows XP computer cannot recognize the CD/DVD drive, customers may experience a classic problem that is unlikely to occur on a computer that has a lot of the latest Windows updates installed. p>

    There are twoa registry setting that needs to be changed to fix the problem in Windows and XP Vista. You can do it manually or anyone can download the Microsoft patch:

    from here

    How do I find my DVD drive on Windows 8?

    Insert the stuck Windows 8 installation CD into an internal/external DVD or possibly a BD drive. Turn on your computer. While the computer is booting, press the [F12] button on the power button to display the boot menu. Once in the boot menu, select Or BD dvd drive and insert the installation CD.

    How do I reinstall my DVD drive?

    In the System Properties window, click Check Hardware. On the Hardware tab, in the main Device Manager area, click the Device Manager button. you click on the dvd / cd-rom icon in the device manager window. Under the DVD/CD-ROM icon, click the reinstall drive for.

    How do I fix a missing DVD drive in File Explorer?

    To try to resolve this issue, select “Device Manager” which can be accessed by clicking the “Start” button accordingly. In this “View” tab, select “Show hidden devices option”. In the DVD Device section, click on the Try Driver tab, first Update Driver Automatically >. If it fails, check the recovery to see if it is available.

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