How Can I Fix Desktop Motherboard Dimensions?

In this tutorial, we will discover some possible causes that can lead to desktop motherboard size, and then we will show several ways to get rid of this problem.

Motherboards come in three sizes, from the most popular to the smallest: ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX (yes, Mini is smaller than but micro), settling for fewer PCIe slots, RAM slots, and other ports.

Motherboards are the backbone of all personal computer systems. The size of the motherboard determines which processor you can use, how much memory it can store, and all the types and speeds of memory it can.Can use, the peripherals it can connect and the applications it can support. Therefore, it is only important to know what to look for when choosing a card system suitable for your needs.

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Processor (CPU)

A motherboard usually only has one specific type of processor socket. Socket Specifies the physical packaging of any AMD or Intel processors that will be installed on it. In addition, the chipset of the new motherboard will determine which processors can be used with the motherboard as a whole.

Motherboard Size Or Form Factor

What is the standard size motherboard for desktop computers?

This is still the most popular size for motherboards today, and is the simple foundation of today’s computers, be they gaming PCs or work machines. A standard ATX motherboard measures 305 x 244 mm and contains: Usually four RAM slots. Two slots 3 or PCIExpress x16.

Do you want to create a multifunctional and powerful tabletop tower? Maybe you want something compact? more Motherboards are available in three original sizes: ATX, Micro-ATX (mATX) and Mini-ITX. Each of these is essentially determined by the specific sizes of user discussion forums.

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The physical size of the card also affects the number of ports and built-in slots it can access. keep. For example, an ATX motherboard often has about five PCI and PCI Express slots in total. A mATX card usually only has three slots in total. A Mini-ITX card is so small that it usually only has one video slot for a PCI-Express x16 video card. The same goes for some memory slots (four for ATX, two or more or four for two mATX, Mini-ITX style) and ports (six sata is also more for ATX, up to four half a dozen for two mATX, up to four compared to Mini ITH).


The chipset plays a direct role in choosing a processor for which motherboard. The chipset also indicates the type and RAM the speed that can be set.

The size of the motherboard and the number of memory slots determine the total amount of memory that can be installed. Allow for as much memory as you need, and maybe add more later if you want.

Connectors And Expansion Connectors

The type and number of expansion slots and connections are important to what should be placed in a laptop. If you have peripherals that require aSeparate port or slot 3 (for example, usb,.0, Thunderbolt, esata, HDMI or ), pci-express get a motherboard, that supports this branch type. You can add secure expansion cards, but they often work best when they integrate the motherboard’s chipset.


desktop motherboard sizes

Features are spare parts added to the motherboard, which of course are not needed for work, but have become useful. These features can be considered for integrating wireless, or audio RAID controllers. If the card offers more features than you need, no problem, most of them can be disabled in the BIOS of the main motherboard. These features can save financial resources because no additional format file card is required.


If your organization wants to overclock the processor, make sure the card supports this tool. chipset For example, chipsets must support per-processor multiplier and voltage matching, which chipsets don’t actually allow. After all, if you are not sure which maternalIf you are designing a motherboard, you can recognize any motherboard model.

Motherboards that offer truly improved power management and solid features may offer better balance levels. Finally, overclocking can put stress on certain areas, so any additional heat dissipation element can also be useful if you want more overclocking.

If you’re looking to build your first PC for gaming or productivity, you’ll likely find that PC components come in all shapes and sizes, which should be confusing for beginners. In short, if you do a little research, you will find that most of the components are compatible with each other and that building a PC is a lot easier than some people think. Some people even compare it to playing with a LEGO set. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different motherboard sizes, outline some of the pros and cons of each, and the actual size that best fits your specific needs.needs.


You may already be familiar with the term ATX, which is often mentioned when talking about motherboards. But what does ATX offer? ATX is a term coined by Intel that stands for Advanced Technology eXtended. He referred to the industry standard for potential compatibility motherboards and boards, and later mentioned PC cases making them accessible to a wider audience.

Today we take a large number of standard size motherboards, each with the same features, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the fact that the ATX form factor is popular everywhere.


The full height board has an atx working height of 305mm and a width of 244mm 12″ or 9.6″. If you’re building, you’re planning on getting an ATX motherboard and maybe want to combine it with an ATX compatible PC case. It can be one of two complete super towers, towers, medium towers, or mini towers. If they are designed to support a specific ATX form factor, the card is 10/10 times more likely to fit.


ATX is designed for multi-level systems. Having botha minimum of three RAM DIMMs, it supports dual-channel or quad-channel memory, improving driver performance in certain applications, at least one card does not support a certain type of configuration.

desktop motherboard sizes

What motherboard size do I need?

As such, we recommend using a motherboard that can hold at least 16GB, although if you don’t want to buy that much from the start, you have the option to use that memory later. Also look for a card that can offer 4 more for the RAM slot or good old ones.

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