Fixed: How To Fix Can’t Remember Windows 8 Password

You should check out these recovery ideas if you can’t remember the Windows 8 password error code on your PC. Go to and read the prompts on the screen. You can only reset a forgotten Windows 8 network password completely if you use a Microsoft account. If you’re using a local account, your password isn’t actually stored on the Microsoft network and can’t be reset.

can t remember windows 8 password

What You Need To Know

The following trick to undo changes in Windows 8 only works if you’re using a local account. If buyers use an email address for documentation in Windows 8, don’t use a local account. If so, follow our guide on how to reset your Microsoft account password.

Windows Password Hint

When you set a user password. In Windows 8, you can create a hint if you want to help everyone remember a lost or forgotten Windows password. Of course, the password bit won’t appear until you enter the wrong Windows password. With all your prompting, you should be able to remember the blank password better.

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Reset Your Microsoft Account Password

If you have a Microsoft-based Windows 1 account, you can Use the password reset form hosted by Microsoft. You can do this from another PC, or even from a smartphone or tablet. Although you can find the mobile phone number for Microsoft Support, when I called, they might have told me they couldn’t help resetting passwords. You should preferably use their online form.

Part 1: Reset Your Windows 8.1 Login Password If It’s Forgotten

After you’ve forgotten your Windows 8.1 password, go surfing , you always have the choice to sign in Windows 8 .1 with a different director. As an administrator, you can improve your Windows.1 8 login password in Control Panel or Command Prompt.

Resetting Your Microsoft Account Password

To reset your entire Microsoft account, visit the Microsoft password reset website using any method connected to the Internet. You may be required to provide security information to verify that someone has a Microsoft account. You may also need to access the text version of the phone used to create the account.

Method 1: Reset/remove The Windows 8.1 Password For LocalUsers And Required Groups

You log in if you have administrator rights and then reset the forgotten password from the account of another PC operator. Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc) is only available in 8.1 Pro and Enterprise editions. If that fact doesn’t describe your situation, make an excellent choice for the Windows password key.

can t remember windows 8 password

Part 1: Reset The Windows Local User Login Password. I Forgot.

If you found your password forgot Login password of the local Internet user instead of the administrator’s personal information for 8 windows. Password reset 1 is always a good easy deal. This very locally changes or removes the login password of a specific person as administrator.

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Part 1: Reset Administrator Password In Windows 8. Avoid USB Hard Drive

If you still remember everyone, your Windows 8 administrator account password, enter it, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” key on some keyboard at the same time, select “Change password”, then enter the old password and new password to change it. 1:

Hint. UseUse Another Available Administrator Account To Run CMD And Reset Your Windows 8 Password.

If you have another administrator account on your computer, you can really easily log into Windows 8 and help CMD. safely reset lost user account password. Also, it is the fastest and best way to reset Windows 8 password than this control panel. Let’s see how it works.

Find Someone Else’s Windows Installation Media (DVD Or USB) And/or Make Your Own

If you don’t have a Windows DVD (or DVD player for that matter), you will probably download a copy from the Internet (free, 100% legal) from Microsoft via DigitalRiver. Instructions for creating and downloading a Windows DVD/USB can be found here. YouIf you have Windows 10 or 11, you can download the Windows installation media, which will allow you to usemass mediaAuthoring Tool for Windows 10 ormass mediaAuthor tool for Windows 11.

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