Problems With Mix Versions?

If you have any versions of Blender installed on your computer, we hope this guide will help you resolve them.

Blender 2.7

Blender has taken a big step forward with version 2.80, bringing some amazing features, but also compatibility issues with some hardware features. It is always recommended to have the latest stable version (3.2.1), but somehow if you still need Blender 2.7 you can still officially get the full version of Blender 2.79b.

blender builds

Branch – Builds

Any user can branch the Blender repository. This can be used to check for issues with a build, or make a build available for download to work with. Branch builds remain available for up to 30 days until a new branch revision is created.

Updating Your Builds

If you just feel the need to update a file to this version (keep the same url, mp3 count, comments, etc.), just press * “Edit Post” * Download and new image (highlighted in blue).

How Blender Uses Your Hardware

Blender is a versatile learning tool that has been used to create everything from movies to 3D printed prosthetics. It has modes for 3D animation ready 3D animation, 3D sculptingry, 2D computer animation, rendering, shader editing, video editing, compositing as well as text editing!

Get The Blender Runtime Libraries (~15 Minutes)

Now you and your family should know if you are building a 64-bit or 32-bit OS. Depending on this, someone has to get your local library (again, be patient, you get a few hundred megabytes and getting these libraries can take a few minutes):

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Des Problèmes Avec Les Versions Mixtes ?
Problemas Com Versões Mixadas?
¿Problemas Con Las Versiones Mixtas?
Probleme Mit Mix-Versionen?
Problem Med Mixversioner?
Problemi Con Le Versioni Miste?
Problemen Met Mixversies?
Problemy Z Wersjami Mieszanymi?